dplyr::select() Accepts Characters Since Version 0.7.0

October 25, 2017

Some of my friends didn’t aware that dplyr now accepts characters. Did you? For example, this expression select(iris, Sepal.Length, Petal.Length) can be also written in this way: select(iris, "Sepal.Length", "Petal.Length") or in this way: select(iris, c("Sepal.Length", "Petal.Length")) For the semantics of select(), you can find a good explanation in the vignette. Tidyeval? You may want to write some code that selects columns programmatically using variables. x <- c("col1", "col2") select(some_data, x) But, be fareful, x can be ambiguous. ... Read more

Confession: It's Me Who Committed the Change to Suppress .Rd Diffs On GitHub

October 21, 2017

You may notice that diffs of .Rd files are suppressed by default on GitHub since some time. Do you wonder who did this? It’s me, yay! This is my pull request: Ignore roxygen2 generated files by yutannihilation · Pull Request #3373 · github/linguist Though I thought I’ve done the right thing at that time, now I’m afraid this change may be bad for some cases… After the relese of roxygen2 6. ... Read more

Use CircleCI for R Projects

October 18, 2017

Why CircleCI? Yes, I know using Travis CI is this easy, thanks to devtools package: devtools::use_travis() Travis CI is OK most of the time. Still, CircleCI has some advantages: arbitrary Docker images cool test summaries Arbitrary Docker images Compared to Travis CI, CircleCI allows the users to use any docker images. For example, my WIP package which provides DBI-compatible interface to Redash uses these images: docker: - image: rocker/tidyverse:latest - image: redis:3. ... Read more

Introduction to gghighlight: Highlight ggplot's Lines and Points with Predicates

October 6, 2017

(Update: The functions introduced here is deprecated now. Please use gghighlight(), which is far nicer one) Suppose we have a data that has too many series like this: set.seed(2) d <- purrr::map_dfr( letters, ~ data.frame(idx = 1:400, value = cumsum(runif(400, -1, 1)), type = ., stringsAsFactors = FALSE)) For such data, it is almost impossible to identify a series by its colour as their differences are so subtle. ... Read more