Use CircleCI for R Projects

October 18, 2017

Why CircleCI? Yes, I know using Travis CI is this easy, thanks to devtools package: devtools::use_travis() Travis CI is OK most of the time. Still, CircleCI has some advantages: arbitrary Docker images cool test summaries Arbitrary Docker images Compared to Travis CI, CircleCI allows the users to use any docker images. For example, my WIP package which provides DBI-compatible interface to Redash uses these images: docker: - image: rocker/tidyverse:latest - image: redis:3. ... Read more

Introduction to gghighlight: Highlight ggplot's Lines and Points with Predicates

October 6, 2017

(Update: The functions introduced here is deprecated now. Please use gghighlight(), which is far nicer one) Suppose we have a data that has too many series like this: set.seed(2) d <- purrr::map_dfr( letters, ~ data.frame(idx = 1:400, value = cumsum(runif(400, -1, 1)), type = ., stringsAsFactors = FALSE)) For such data, it is almost impossible to identify a series by its colour as their differences are so subtle. ... Read more