Confession: It's Me Who Committed the Change to Suppress .Rd Diffs On GitHub

October 21, 2017 by Hiroaki Yutani

You may notice that diffs of .Rd files are suppressed by default on GitHub since some time.

Do you wonder who did this? It’s me, yay! This is my pull request:

Ignore roxygen2 generated files by yutannihilation · Pull Request #3373 · github/linguist

Though I thought I’ve done the right thing at that time, now I’m afraid this change may be bad for some cases…

After the relese of roxygen2 6.0.0, the game has changed a bit. We can use Markdown to write package document now.

roxygen2 6.0.0 | RStudio Blog

The feature itself is so cool (I use it often), but sometimes it behaves against our expectations:

Should we stop suppressing the .Rd diffs to review with the eyes? If you think so, please send the revert pull request to github/linguist. But I hope my effort improved the experience of R development on GitHub.