How To Convert A Human To Waves By Magick Package

November 23, 2018

I saw this tweet about Mathematica last year, which naturally urged me to write the R version of this code. Mathematicaを使って,シュレーディンガーの顔をこのようなアニメーションにされたユーザの方がいらっしゃいます。コードも掲載されています。 — Wolfram Japan (@WolframJapan) June 15, 2017 At that time, I faild because I didn’t know how to zoom images. But, now I know magick package. Let’s try again… Zoom images by magick We can enlarge a image by either image_resize(), image_scale(), or image_sample(). I don’t know about the details of the differences, but it seems image_resize() does better for my purpose. ... Read more