Enhancing gather() and spread() by Using "Bundled" data.frames

February 3, 2019

table { width: 50%; font-size: 80%; } Last month, I tried to explain gather() and spread() by gt package (https://yutani.rbind.io/post/gather-and-spread-explained-by-gt/). But, after I implemented experimental multi-gather() and multi-spread(), I realized that I need a bit different way of explanation… So, please forget the post, and read this with fresh eyes! Wait, what is multi-gather() and multi-spread()?? In short, the current gather() and spread() have a limitation; they can gather into or spread from only one column at once. ... Read more

gather() and spread() Explained By gt

January 24, 2019

table { width: 50%; font-size: 80%; } This is episode 0 of my long adventure to multi-spread and multi-gather (this is my homework I got at the tidyverse developer day…). This post might seem to introduce the different semantics from the current tidyr’s one, but it’s probably just because my idea is still vague. So, I really appreciate any feedbacks! tl;dr I now think gather() and spread() are about ... Read more